Truvalue Labs’ COVID-19 data set uses new proprietary signals, developed to capture the impact of  COVID-19 in real-time through material categories defined by the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board™ (SASB™). The data set provides critical metrics, detailing the rising prevalence and related impacts of COVID-19 across sectors, industries and regions.


Beyond the SASB lens we’ve created a COVID-19 signal and five sub-signals that cover the following topics:

  • Social Impact

    Captures discussion of COVID-19 and its impact on the quality of living, access to education, social distancing, mental health, depression, access to healthy food, and related topics

  • Labor

    Captures discussion involving COVID-19 and employees, layoffs, working from home, paid sick leave, unemployment, and related topics

  • Economy

    Captures any discussion of COVID-19’s impact on the broader economy

  • Supply Chain

    Captures discussion involving COVID-19 and supply of goods, production halts, manufacturing stoppages, and other related issues

  • Response

    Captures information related to any R&D or efforts to create vaccines or to shift manufacturing to produce test kits, ventilators, sanitizer, or any other unusual, crisis-specific goods, services, or products