Truvalue Spotlight Events data service provides key information for all major positive and negative ESG events according to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)  for 19,000+ companies including: headline, summary bullets and a complete set of metadata for each significant event.

  • Track the Most Significant ESG Risks and Opportunities

    Efficiently review daily headlines, story summaries, and scores for both ESG controversies and potential opportunities.

  • Better Understand Emerging Material Issues

    See the volume of information by SASB's 26 categories to focus on material factors in your portfolio

  • Identify targets for engagement

    Assess a company’s ESG risk exposure and identify issues for engagement

  • Streamline Reporting 

    Easily integrate significant ESG events into your reporting, both controversies and positive actions

  • Develop New Systematic Strategies

    Incorporate material and timely ESG events data into your trading strategies.