We leverage more than 100,000 sources to produce ESG Ranks based on actual company behavior

Truvalue Labs applies AI to analyze over 100,000 sources and uncover ESG risks and opportunities hidden in unstructured text. The ESG Ranks data service produces an overall company rank based on industry percentile leveraging the 26 ESG categories defined by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).  The data feed covers 20,000+ companies with more than 13 years of history. ESG Ranks offer key insights and can be used to:

  • Systematically identify ESG industry leaders and laggards

  • Easily combine Truvalue ESG Ranks with proprietary or third-party data to produce composite scores

  • Keep up to date with ESG Ranks to watch versus peers for companies in your investment universe

  • Identify targets for engagement to assess a company’s progress on ESG risk and opportunity management

  • Monitor rankings to reduce blind spots and manage risk in your investment universe

  • Streamline the integration of ESG ranks into your reporting

Truvalue ESG Ranks identify ESG leaders and laggards based on industry percentile and can be used to determine a company’s ability to manage ESG risk and capitalize on opportunities relative to its peers.